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About Us

Igor has been with the breed for many years overseas in Serbia where he was born and raised. Kiristen however, was introduced five years ago when she met Igor and instantly fell in love....with Igor and the breed.

Here in the states we got our first big break into the breed four years ago when we got our two dogs, Knedla and Cheyenne, from our dear friends Fred and Evelyn Sindelar.

We are living in a small town in Maryland surrounded by farms and fields; a perfect place to raise our angels, (with crooked halos) :) who rule completely and totally in our house. We love nothing more than to lounge around the pool watching the dogs play, swim and occasionally acknowledge our existence.

We hope to continue to build our kennel and strive to contribute to this wonderful breed in any way we can.

-Igor and Kiristen Miletic-


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